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江门市江海区爱亮美(iLIGHTING )照明有限公司, 自2020年起在中国大陆成立,公司致力于绿色,低碳和节能照明产品的开发,制造和营销。 成为专业的高端照明设计,OEM / ODM制造商和供应商。
3. LED照明应急配件和充电包。
5.根据客户的要求进行OEM / ODM节能照明,以进行新的改造安装。

ILIGHTING Lighting Co., Ltd., Jianghai District, Jiangmen City, has been established in Mainland China since 2020. The company is committed to the development, manufacturing and marketing of green, low-carbon and energy-saving lighting products. Become a professional high-end lighting design, OEM/ODM manufacturer and supplier.

Product capacity:
1. Integrated design of LED lighting and built-in advanced electronic driver for building lighting renovation.
2. LED indoor and outdoor lighting with internal and external drivers.
3. LED lighting emergency accessories and charging bag.
4. Ultra-long life induction lamp is used for high-power high bay lights and floodlights.
5. Carry out OEM/ODM energy-saving lighting according to customer requirements for new retrofit installation.
6. Leading to ISO9001.

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